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Jordan BRawner

Jordan Brawner does a lot of things and most of them are represented here. He writes chiptune and electronic dance music as Opposite Armor, acoustic indie music as Meanderthals, and provides freelance audio engineering and composition services as himself. Jordan Brawner. Which, as you might remember, is his actual name.

His loves include his cat Paul and his gameboy, Game Boy. His hates include web page design and, as he writes this, nothing else. Mostly just web page design





Meanderthals is Jordan Brawner’s post-punk project.

Currently booking shows in the Pacific Northwest. Contact via our Contact page above, or through any of the links below. Don't worry. Jordan has a vast, interwoven web of Gmail redirects that ensure you will reach his personal email. He's just that cool.

Their inaugural release, Smiling and Empty Hearted, a stripped down EP of acoustic tunes by Jordan, released on Bandcamp in October 2017. 

They followed up this release with a self-produced single, Holly, in July 2018, their first outing as a 4-piece.

In July of 2019, Meanderthals released an 8-song cassette tape, called We Are Doing Our Best, on local label Den Tapes. The tape contains songs from the previous releases as well as new material, and presents a sharper, edgier sound and significant math-rock influence.

Meanderthals have been featured on FM 107.3 in Seattle, CISM 89.3 in Canada, in The Math Rock Times, and on the Tape Deck Podcast.

We Are Doing Our Best


Smiling and Empty Hearted







Past Shows

Substation, Ballard WA. December 6th, 2017. TBASA's Lo-Fi All Stars

The Skylark, West Seattle. December 23rd, 2017. Opening for Dead Lee and Dain Norman.

Lofi Performance Gallery, Seattle WA. June 28th, 2018. Mago (ft. Jordan on bass), Canadian Waves, Creature Hole

The Skylark, West Seattle. June 29th, 2018. Rabble House (Jordan on Guitar), Pellegrini, Glass Beaches

Tim's Tavern, Seattle. July 31st 2018. Meanderthals, Ivory Deville, Johnny Dango, Matthew From the Colonies, Zach Zamora.

The High Dive, Fremont. July 31st 2018. Meanderthals, Bobcat, New Bloom

The Sunset, Ballard WA. August 28th 2018. Strawberry Mountain, La Fille, Meanderthals.

The Skylark, West Seattle. October 5 2018, Glass Beaches, Jupiter Sprites, Meanderthals.

Conor Byrne Pub, October 20th 2018, Dash!, Trash Dogs, Meanderthals

The Lo-Fi Performance Gallery, Seattle WA. November 24th, 2018, Autopilot, Graduation, Meanderthals, Brother Tank

The Blue Moon Tavern, Seattle WA. December 6th, 2018. Meanderthals, Yoy, Rabbitkeeper

Tim’s Tavern, Seattle Wa. January 3, 2019. Meanderthals, Bobcat, Thrown-Out Bones, Wynn C Blue

The Brunch Box, Seattle WA. January 12, 2019. Meanderthals, Smack Talk, Plan B, Baywitch

Maison Du Fond, Seattle WA. January 19, ANML, Meanderthals, DJ Applejuice, Erocean

The Vera Project, Seattle WA. January 25th, 2019. SOSFest: Meanderthals, New Bloom, Mud on My Bra, Sleepover Club, Medium Weekend, Thee Deception, Form Destroyer.

The High Dive, Seattle WA. March 3, 2019. Meanderthals, Don Forgetti, Plum

Mirage Garage, South Beacons, Tina Fake, Plum, Meanderthals, April 6 2019, Seattle WA

The Vera Project, Pookie, Meanderthals, Gestalt, Honeypot, April 10 2019, Seattle WA

The Sunset, Rat Queen, New Bloom, Meanderthals, April 29 2019 Seattle

The Brunch Box, Bobcat, Kill Vargas, Meanderthals, May 13 2019, Seattle

The Monkey Pub, Medium Weekend, Don Forgettii, Meanderthals, Morty, May 18 2019, Seattle

Victory Lounge, Meanderthals, Cool Moon, Programmes, June 8 2019, Seattle

Substation, RGK and the Alternative Facts, Group Photos, Meanderthals, Bad Time Friend, June 12 2019, Seattle

Chop Suey, Fluung, Black Ends, Meanderthals, Group Photos, June 13 2019, Seattle

Le Voyeur, Meanderthals, Black Is Bright, Group Photos, June 14 2019, Olympia

The Greenhouse, Mouthbreather, Group Photos, Meanderthals, June 15 2019, Portland OR

Ted’s Gallerie, Meanderthals, Gallerie, Group Photos, June 16 2019, Portland OR

Outer Space, Meanderthals, Group Photos, Thaumaturge, June 17 2019, Arcata CA

La Santa, Meanderthals, Group Photoets, Lonely Chief, English Breakfast, June 18, Santa Ana CA

Alex’s House Group Photos, Portamento, Meanderthals, June 20, Rialto CA

The Monkey Pub Meanderthals Tape Release ft. Black Ends and Gestalt, July 6 2019

Hot Yoga Powerbleeder, Flycatcher, Meanderthals, July 12 2019

Victory Lounge, Year of the Dead Bird, Meanderthals, August 8th 2019

Add-A-Ball Amusements Den Tapes 4th Anniversary: Happy Times Sad Times, Tourist Activities, Meanderthals, August 29th 2019

Tim’s Tavern, Sweet Creature, Flesh Produce, The Contaminants, Meanderthals, September 7th 2019, Seattle

Jordan works as an audio engineer as well as a musician. Here you'll find his audio engineering portfolio. 
He has worked in a variety of studios, but currently finds his home at Orbit Audio in Pioneer Square.

Below you'll find a short sample of his work, derived from his own projects and for-hire work. 


Opposite ARmor


Opposite Armor is Jordan Brawner's electronic / chiptune persona. Formerly Atlantis Lifeguard, formerly Frightened Ghost. He's been working with gameboys and midi for a decade now and creates optimistic, hyperactive electronic dance music with a cold shot of hip hop influence. Opposite Armor is what happens when Crystal Castles meets Flying Lotus meets Lindsay Lowend. 

Opposite Armor on Soundcloud